Barrie Township and Harlowe Halls

Community Halls Gardens

Each year Lynn McEvoy gets members involved in helping her to maintain the gardens at the community halls in Cloyne and Harlowe.  The next time you pass by or go to a function at either of these halls be sure to take a look at the work we have done there.

Many thanks to Lynn and her helpers for continuing to take care of this project, it is much appreciated by both the Township & Community.

We continued on with community projects, creating gardens at the Barrie & Harlowe Halls which we still maintain.

Harlowe Hall

Restoration of gardens – Summer 2020

Report from Lynn McEvoy:

Job done after a lot of work in a beastly hot summer to get the garden
transplanted to Janis’s property, looked after and watered until we
could put it back together on August 21. Only one shrub, a mugho pine, 
succumbed to the heat. The rain gave us a bit of a break to sit under
the roof and wait for it to pass us by. Looks good after attractively
planted and mulched. Mulch was collected and delivered by Jack
Kelly.  Thank you to Myles for his trailer and muscle work to do some
heavy digging, move rocks and keep us going. 

Thanks to Linda, Myles ,Mary K, Beth,
Jack, Janis, Lynn M.,Nancy and Mary J. for getting er done.

Barrie Hall

Fall cleanup October 2017

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