Certificate of Appreciation

September 2017 – A word from Mary Kelly


Linda McDonnel and Mary Kelly went to Pine Meadow to accept a certificate of appreciation for the work we do in their gardens.  Everybody we talked to had wonderful things to say about the gardens and what they mean to the residents, family and staff.

thanks by PineMeadow

I am very happy we continue to take care of this special place and I am especially looking forward to working with Sue Whyte as she transitions into the Chair of this project.

Thank you Sue for doing this, it is very much appreciated.

The following are some comments from Margaret Palimaka the administrator of Pine Meadow.

“I thought I would pass on some comments on our family satisfaction survey- they are starting to come in now.

What do you like about the home?

  • Lovely gardens for residents to get outdoors
  • A lovely outdoor garden/sitting area
  • Beautiful gardens”


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