Spring Plant Sale

Our Spring Plant Sale on May 29, 2021 was a great success – thanks to our hard-working club members, as well as the support of our community!

Getting ready for the Plant Sale!


Our last Plant Sale was on May 25, 2019 at the Barrie Township, Cloyne

This project is headed up by Elaine Miller.  This event is held each year at the Barrie Hall starting at 9:00am on the Saturday after the long weekend in May and this year it will be on May 25th.  In the fall and spring we encourage our members to dig up and divide those plants they have and pot them up for the sale.  Our members have been most generous and we are very happy to spread the plants we love throughout the gardens in the community.  

We have been fortunate to have the support of the Cuddy family in Harlowe each year.  The Cuddy family are helping us again this year. This year again they are growing tomatoes, herbs and other veggie plants for us in their greenhouse. Their tomato varieties and other veggies are responsibly grown in a special soil mix that is pesticide free. So don’t stop at the big box stores for your tomatoes this year, buy local and help support our Garden Club for its community projects. There will also be lots of perennials for sale at very good prices, these plants are donated each year by the Garden Club members so you can be sure they will do well in your cottage gardens.

If you want to donate plants but are not able to do so let us know and we will help you to dig them out. We will need lots of pots, preferably 6″ and 8″ but will take some smaller or larger ones too. Please bring them to the April meeting.

This is a very popular event with lineups around the Barrie Hall early on the morning of the sale with people waiting for the doors to open.  Our sales have increased and the money we raise goes towards the costs of our many projects.

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Be sure to think about putting up your donations in the spring and if you need help doing this, be sure to ask Elaine.

Planning ahead for the Plant Sale

It’s never too early to get plants ready for the Plant Sale. Mary & Elaine got together in October to heel in lots of plants. Some came from Mary’s garden and the rest came from one of the beds at Pine Meadow Nursing Home. The bed at PM is going to be completely redone in the spring so rather than dump the plants, they were brought to Elaine’s pumpkin patch where they will overwinter.
Here’s hoping that in the spring they will all survive and will give us a very good start to our Plant Sale donations.


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