Spring Plant Sale

May 27, 2023 – starts at 9 AM sharp!

This project is headed up by Elaine Miller and the Plant Sale Committee is already gearing up for this year’s sale which is on Saturday, May 27th, 2023 at Janis St. John’s Garden at 1444 #506.

On May 1st, Elaine Miller and 6 other volunteers got together to transplant the 500 tomato seedlings we had grown for us.  We have potted these individually into solo cups each variety with one of 4 numbers.  These numbers will denote the 4 different varieties we will have at our a Plant Sale on May 27th.  Big Beef (nice big red juicy tomato, excellent for sandwiches) Brandywine ( a smaller version of the Big Beef, also excellent for sandwiches or burgers) Sweet Millions (cherry tomatoes, just perfect to pop in your mouth) & Amish Paste (the perfect tomato for pasta sauces)

On May 8th, 12 great volunteers worked at Janis’s garden to spray and/or paint some colour on a great many pots.  This is the first of our Plant Sale operations, colour coding the various sized pots which we will use as our price points. The work got done very quickly thanks to the 24 hands we had volunteering.

Things are coming along nicely for the plant sale – all thanks to our dedicated crew!

Getting ready for the Plant Sale!

In the Fall and Spring, we encourage our members to dig up and divide those plants that they have and pot them ready for the sale. Our members have been most generous and we are very happy to spread the plants we love throughout the gardens in our community. Our Spring Plant Sale in 2022 was a great success – thanks to our hard-working club members, as well as the support of our community!

Our Plant Sales are very popular events with lineups waiting to get in on the dot at 9:00 AM. Our sales have increased over the years and the money we raise goes towards the costs of our many projects.

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