Pioneer Cemetery in Cloyne

This project is headed up by Mary Kelly and it is one that is close to her heart – and her house! Each Spring and Fall, we have volunteers come to clean out the area and make it ready for the many visitors who drop by each year. Mary takes care of the property throughout the year, making sure the beds and watered and the grass cut.

Fall Cleanup 2022

A group of our wonderful volunteers came out to help cleanup the cemetery. They laid a load of gravel on the pathways, raked leaves and pine needles and cut back a whole lot of perennials. As you can see, they had a pretty good time as well!

History of this Project

The reclamation of the Pioneer Cemetery was the most ambitious project undertaken by our Garden Club.  This area had long been an eyesore and a disgrace to the pioneers who founded the village.  When the club was in its infancy a Special Projects Committee was struck and Mary Kelly became a member.  When our founding President, Lynn McEvoy, asked for suggestions for projects we could undertake, Mary being a keener at that time put her hand up.  She asked if there was any way we could take a look at cleaning up the Cloyne Pioneer Cemetery.  Lynn came and looked at the area and was not daunted in the least.  In short order, a plan was drawn up and presented to the Township of North Frontenac.  Brenda DeFosse was the Clerk at that time, and she took our suggestions to Council – they were very enthusiastic and promised to look into it.  They applied for grant money which they received, and this allowed us to undertake a massive overhaul of the area.

We had many volunteers, community groups and neighbours help with this project which took weeks to complete.  We laid down pathways, a rock garden on the bank to the road, various beds, and a lawn area. There were remains of Celtic crosses that had marked some of the graves on the site and we had replicas made of these, painted them white and placed them throughout the cemetery.  We donated the originals to the Museum.

We added two benches to allow those who visit to sit and reflect in an area that is both spiritual and beautiful.

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