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Helebores or Chritsmas Rose Lynn M
Hellebores also called “Christmas Rose”

By Lynn McEvoy

In a corner of Lynn’s garden, there is a pretty flower called “Christmas Rose”. During Summer this flower change color to pink and green.

Winter Bloomers – Hellebores

By Marie Iannotti

Updated 01/27/17

A Hardy Christmas Rose – Hellebore niger

Helleborus niger is called the “Christmas rose” more for its rose like flowers than for the reliability of seeing them at Christmas time. While hardy in zones 4-8, it can bloom anytime from December to April, depending on conditions. The prolific flowers are usually white, with green tinged centers that age to pink. You may also some with strong pink tones in the petals. H. niger ‘White Magic’ has large white flowers that blush pink as they age.

Care in the Garden

Most Hellebore species are evergreen, with attractive clumps of leathery, dark green foliage.

Warmer climates can enjoy this display throughout the winter. In colder areas where the plants are battered by snow, ice and wind, the foliage is not such a delight to see. You can however cut the foliage back to ground level in early spring. Your plant may not yet have new foliage as it begins to bloom, but fresh leaves should follow shortly thereafter and remain attractive throughout the summer.

Insects and disease rarely bother with hellebores. Slugs and aphids can be a problem, particularly while in bloom.

Hellebores are natives of central and southern Europe and the various species are at home in a diverse range of habitats. Basically a woodland flower, Hellebores prefer partial shade and rich, mist soil.

Hellebores divisions take a long time to increase in size, so most plants are propagated from seed. This adds to the variability of plants with the same name. If you want a specific color, your best chance of getting it is by purchasing the plant while it is in bloom.

Wild Yellow Lady Slipper

By Martine Buissart

Every late Spring behind my house, in my garden, I have these flowers “Yellow Wild Orchids”, also called “Wild Yellow Lady Slipper”.

Wild yellow orchid

by Gardening Know How

By Nikki Tilley
(Author of The Bulb-o-licious Garden)The Bulb-o-licious Garden)

There’s just something special about wild lady slipper orchids (Cypripedium). Despite many claims to the contrary, these stunning flowers no longer require long hikes through the woods to be enjoyed. Growing a lady slipper wildflower can be accomplished just as easily, with a little effort, in your own garden. In fact, they make interesting specimens in the woodland garden.

Yellow lady slipper – The yellow lady slipper (C. calceolus) blooms in early spring and is found mostly in rich woodlands or along the edges or elevated areas of bogs. Its counterpart, the large or greater yellow lady slipper (C. parviflorum pubescens) can grow up to two feet tall, with the flower petals up to 6 inches across.



Sadly we say goodbye to Jeananne Houle who was one of the founding members at our Garden Club.

Jeananne & her husband Milt have had their property on Kashawakak Lake for 50+ years and in the beginning travelled all the way from Hamilton until they moved up here permanently.

Jeananne gave her time to all of our projects and we will all remember her contribution as we look at them today. Planter Boxes, gardens at the Barrie & Harlowe Halls, Cloyne Pioneer Cemetery, Pine Meadow Nursing Home & other projects in between.

We thank you Jeananne for your dedication and volunteerism and we wish you and Milt the very best in your new home in Huntsville.

Mary Kelly🌱

Marlene’s home in Napanee beautiful landscape

August 3, 2017

House in Napanee

April 28th, 2017

Marlene house in Napanee

Article and picture by Mary Kelly

This is our own dear Marlene Wilson at her hew house in Napanee, this photo was taken during a visit on April 28th by Lynn M, Michele & Mary. 

For those of you who have been to Marlene’s house in Cloyne you will remember what her gardens looked like, always fabulous and well maintained, not a blade of grass out of place.  If you look closely at this picture you will see that her front Garden is a mess BUT she says “watch this space” and we will go back again and will send pictures of her progress.  She says she will be scaling back her gardens considerably and she is just chomping at the bit to get some grass & soil in so she can get out on her knees in the dirt. 

Marlene says she loves people to drop in so if you’re in Napanee be sure to go & see her & report back on her gardens.

We wish Marlene & Jim much happiness in their new home.

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