Executive Committee

2017-2018 Executive

Co-Chair: Lynn Oborne

Co-Chair & Secretary: Lynn Young

Advertising & Webmaster: Martine Buissart

Treasurer: Patty Rout

Membership: Rosemary Woods

Program Coordinator: Mary Kelly


Michele Burgess

Jane Jeffreys

Mary Johnston

Lynn McEvoy

Elaine Miller

Committees & Projects

Planter Boxes: Jane Jeffreys, Mary Johnston & Mary Kelly

Plant Sale: Elaine Miller, Patty Rout & Mary Kelly

Planters for the Meals-on-Wheels homebound clients: Rosemary Woods & Martine Buissart

Pine Meadow: Sue Whyte & Mary Kelly

Cloyne Pioneer Cemetery: Mary Kelly

Advertising/Website: Martine Buissart

Scrapbook: Lynn McEvoy

Volunteer Hours: Michele Burgess

If you haven’t signed up for a Committee yet, it is never too late to do so, we can always use extra help.