Planter Boxes

This project is headed up by Mary Johnston and Rosemary Teed.  This is one of four projects and one that truly shows our commitment to our community in a most visible way. 

In Spring of 2018 the boxes and bins were replaced by new ones and we are now at 34 planter boxes throughout our community.  This is one of the projects that has continued during the pandemic and we’ll be out again in early June to plant a new colourful collection. We look forward to seeing our planter boxes in all their glory and we hope that it adds joy to our community – we can certainly use more of that these days!

In all, there were 33 similar Planter Boxes adorning various locations in our community, each containing:

    1 “Orange Chocolate”Canna Lily
    3 Deep Blue Mystic Spire Salvias
    1 Lime Green Sun Coleus
    2 Electric Orange SunPatiens
    3 Lemon Helichrysum (Licorice Plant)
    plus container soil, sheep manure and measured timed-release fertilizer.

The photo above was taken in front of the Cloyne Branch of the Kingston Frontenac Public Library. The boxes were all planted on June 5 and by August the combined height of the plants plus this particular Planter Box was just over six feet.

The plants were pre-ordered  in February with exemplary advice and assistance from  Peter and Elyn; owners of ‘The Greenhouse On The River’ in Lakefield.

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